Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Centre County Wind Gusts 5/27

A severe thunderstorm (warning) passed through Centre County on the afternoon of May 27th. Here are selected wind gusts:
Walker Roof   : 47 mph
AccuWeather HQ: 44 mph (2014 High)
Jesse Ferrell : 38 mph 
KUNV Airport  : 35 mph
Not included in this report? Leave a comment below with your wind gust.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Centre County Lows 5/19

Quite chilly this morning in the favored areas... though Penn State was +10 compared to their daily record.

Selected* Online Centre County Lows this morning:

Elliot Abrams: 35
Jesse Ferrell: 35
Corl Street:   36
AccuWeather:   37
PSU Shelter:   42
KUNV Airport:  39
Walker Top:    43

If your station is not included in this list, please post a comment with your low from this morning.

Other Online Lows This Morning:*

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Centre County Highs 5/13

It was hot, hot, hot today! Penn State broke their previous record for the day at 86 degrees. Other selected high temperatures:

AccuWeather HQ: 87
Jesse's House: 89

Other high temperatures:*

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Station Maintenance Notice

The AccuWeather HQ Davis weather station lost power and stopped transmitting Saturday at 5:08 AM. I believe it lost power because the batteries were not in correctly.

I rebooted the station this afternoon, but it would no longer receive data. I rebooted again and the console received data, then froze up.

Third reboot seemed to be work but it stopped transmitting to the Internet soon thereafter.

A fourth reboot has worked thus far. I'd like to upgrade the firmware on the device but I need to find the IP address first.

Because the station was actually unpowered, it did not maintain a record during that period. The nearest station (my house) reported these temperatures:

SUNDAY: 33/66
MONDAY: 28/62 (as of 3 PM)
In addition, the "WeatherMatrix" station at my house was not transmitting temperatures between 6 AM & 4 PM on April 30th. This was due to a dead battery and not enough solar power this week. Both outages are shown below: