Friday, March 6, 2015

Centre County Lows 3/6

An unusually calm and cold March morning here in Centre County.

Selected* Online Centre County Lows this morning:

Jesse Ferrell: -8
AccuWeather:   -3
Elliot Abrams: -3
Marshall Moss: -3
KUNV Airport:   0
PSU Shelter:   +2

I believe my reading of -8 to be a new record for March at my station (since 1997). PSU's temperature of +2 this morning is listed as "#1" in their database for this date. It does not however beat the record low for March of -4, set mid-month. The temperature at a station on Scotia Road also fell to -6.

If your station is not included in this list, please post a comment with your low from this morning.

Other Online Lows This Morning:*

Other State Lows This Morning:

UPDATE: Harrisburg's readings this morning and Saturday morning were 2 & 3 @ CXY, and 0 & -1 at MDT. All these established new daily records, and the lower readings were also new records for March.