Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Centre County Lows 4/16

One more (?) cold snap for Centre County? PSU records are in the teens, so this morning didn't set one, but today is the last day of the season with "normals" in the 30s, so these readings are still pretty impressive.

Selected* Online Centre County Lows this morning:

Elliot Abrams: 20
Jesse Ferrell: 21
Corl Street:   22
Marshall Moss: 22
AccuWeather:   22
PSU Shelter:   23
KUNV Airport:  23
Walker Top:    24

If your station is not included in this list, please post a comment with your low from this morning.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

High Winds & Shelf Cloud 4/14

A forming shelf cloud was accompanied by heavy rain and high winds, gusting to 47 mph downtown on the top of the Walker Building, and 38 mph atop AccuWeather HQ. Other stations that were at 30m, were not close to the front of the forming bow echo, or were away from the heaviest rain did not report winds over 32 mph and/or reported the max gust earlier in the day.

There were no warnings issued or lightning detected. Above is the radar reflectivity at 6:10 PM with my location (Blue Course & Havershire) tagged in the middle; this was just a few minutes after the photos below were taken (the AccuCams & Walker Cam, which are timestamped).

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Centre County Highs 4/13

Penn State University in State College, PA rose to 84 degrees, breaking the daily record from 1941. It has only been warmer than 84 degrees four times this early in the year (Jan 1 - Apr 13) in history. It was especially ironic since one month ago today we were in the single digits. The mountains won the contest yesterday, with 90 reported in Maryland & West Virginia.

Selected* Online Centre County highs today:

Joe Bastardi:  87
Jesse Ferrell: 86
Mark Mancuso:  85
PSU Shelter:   84
Corl Street:   84
KUNV Airport:  84
Elliot Abrams: 83
AccuWeather:   83
Marshall Moss: 83
Walker Top:    83

If your station is not included in this list, please post a comment with your high from this afternoon.

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