Saturday, November 22, 2014

Centre County Lows 11/22

On the heels of the coldest November readings earlier this week, we dove down into the single digits this morning for one last time before the warm-up. AccuWeather set a new record low for the day with 9 degrees; in fact AccuWeather had not been below 12 degrees in November in the last 10 years. Penn State did not break their daily record of 10, coming in at 14.

Selected* Online Centre County Lows this morning:

Jesse Ferrell: 6
Marshall Moss: 8
AccuWeather:   9
Elliot Abrams: 12
KUNV Airport:  13
PSU Shelter:   14
Walker Building Top: 15
If your station is not included in this list, please post a comment with your low from this morning.

Other Online Lows This Morning (map shows me at 5, that was incorrectly reported by CWOP)*

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Centre County Cold 11/17-11/19

Extremely cold air filtered down from the Arctic this week, threatening record temperatures. In fact, Penn State's high temperature on 11/18 of 18 degrees was their earliest such seasonal reading. This reading was much lower than any other station due to the time of measurements (see below). Their low of 13 degrees on 11/19 also broke a record for the date (formerly 17 in 1903).

AccuWeather recorded 12 degrees on the 19th, and for the last 10 years, it had never been below 12 in the entire month of November! Marshall Moss's station and one other fell to 9 degrees.

Lowest Minimums This Week:*

Jesse Ferrell: 10
Marshall Moss: 9
AccuWeather:   12
Elliot Abrams: 10
KUNV Airport:  12
PSU Shelter:   13

Lowest Maximums This Week: 

Jesse Ferrell: 24 
AccuWeather:   23
KUNV Airport:  22
PSU Shelter:   18
This graph is a little confusing but it illustrates the problem... the "24-hour" temperature started going up rapidly just after 7 PM, when Penn State's climatological day was over, but others' days (which are midnight to midnight) were not. The actual data on the graph is from my station (C6777) and the AccuWeather station (C6778), just to show local variations.

Early-season record low maximums were also set at Bradford, Altoona, Johnstown, Lancaster, and York:

Friday, November 14, 2014

11/14 Maintenance Updates CW6777

The battery for my station (CW6777) thermo/hygro sensor started failing overnight due to a dead battery. It was replaced today; I continue to lose wind data at night due to a dead battery on the roof.

The battery for the Corl Street (DW6314) thermo/hygro sensor has started failing overnight. There is no replacement timeframe.