Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Low Temps 6/28

An unusually cold June night last night!

Stormstown (Brett, Offline): 41
State College (Jesse): 43
Bellefonte (CW8478): 44
Stormstown (EW4169): 44
Ramblewood (AU214): 44
Port Matilda (Elliot): 45
Pleasant Gap (Dan P.): 46
State College (AccuWeather): 47
Lemont (EW7414): 48
State College (KUNV): 49
State College (PSU): 50
State College (Walker): 50

Elsewhere in PA, the lowest reading was 37 degrees was measured at Clarion and Prince Gallitzin State Park.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Webcam Mirror Expanded: New Cams, New Pages!

MAJOR Updates to the CCM webcam archive/mirror!

  • Link added to my new map of LIVE U.S. webcams added!
  • Links now go to LIVE cameras where the image has a border!
  • New cameras added for Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and other states.
  • Archived Loops links split into Active & Inactive cams
  • Planning to move inactive cam archives to cheaper hosting soon
  • Quick-look pages added for other webcam sites: 
    • Resortcams
    • WeatherSTEM
    • NCDC Buoys

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Centre County Mesonet Low Temps 5/9/17

NOTE: Other offline stations may have been lower; if you have an offline report let me know.

Lemont: 37
Walker Building Top: 35
PSU: 35 (Rank: #4 Coldest May 9th; Record 30 in 1947)
KUNV: 34
Downtown: 33
AccuWeather: 31
Elliot (Port Matilda): 29
Jesse (West State College): 29
Stormstown: 28

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Maintenance Updates CW6777 12/29

The Vantage Vue station at Jesse's house has been leaning at a 15-degree angle for most of this December (this data is not available online). This would have also affected the NetAtmo rain gauge which is at the same location (on Quail Run Road).

Around 5 PM tonight it was restored to approximately level and tied that way for the duration of the winter. Historical webcam views of this station can be found on the WeatherWatchers.Org website.

AccuWeather & WeatherMatrix Weather Stations 2016 Records

The following end-of-year records were retrieved directly from the weather station consoles at Jesse Ferrell's house & AccuWeather HQ. These records will be more reliable than data obtained through online sources.

In cases where all three datums were available, the record amongst them was highlighted. (Height is given as station/anemometer in meters).

AccuWeather Davis VP (2m/15m) EOY Stats 12/23/2016

Wind High: 45 mph 
Pressure High: 30.73"
Pressure Low: N/A
Rainfall: 28.92" 
Temp Hi: 95
Heat Index Hi: 105
Temp Lo: +1
Wind Chill Low: -11
Dew Point High: N/A
Dew Point Low: N/A

WeatherMatrix Davis VP (2m/10m) EOY Stats 12/29/2016

Wind High: 46 mph*
Pressure High: 30.69"
Pressure Low: 29.14"
Rainfall: 27.95"
Temp High: 96
Heat Index High: 109
Temp Low: -2
Wind Chill Low: -9
Dew Point High: 78
Dew Point Low: -12
*Sensor unavailable most daylight hours

WeatherMatrix Davis VVUE (2.5m/2.5m) EOY Stats 12/29/2016

Wind High: N/A*
Pressure High: 29.38"
Pressure Low: 
Rainfall: 37.32"*
Temp High: 96
Heat Index High: 117
Temp Low: -3
Wind Chill Low: -4
Dew Point High: 81
Dew Point Low: N/A
*Console reported bad value for max wind. Rainfall likely too high due to maintenance.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Webcam Archive Update

I believe I have fixed the problem with old images showing up in the 5-minute animations at the CCM webcam archive/mirror. While I had previously split the 5-minute download script into two different parts, it still wasn't enough to run in less than 1 minute and therefore misnamed images outside of the 5s and 0s. This time I expressedly put each Perl LWP download request in the background so that the scripts could complete, even if the image download stalled. Time will tell.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Webcam Archive Updated: New Cameras Added

I have added several webcams to the CCM webcam archive/mirror this week. The most noteable were the Brasstown Mountain, Georgia webcams (highest point in the state) and the (near-U.S.) Buoycams from NDBC, that have no easy online access to past images. Because of the expense of transmitting images via satellite, they are only updated once per hour.


State College High Construction
PSU East Halls Construction


Brasstown Mountain, GA - North

Brasstown Mountain, GA - South