Saturday, November 11, 2017

Centre County Mesonet Lows 11/11

Considering the normal (PSU) low temperature today is 36, these numbers are VERY impressive! The low in the state was 5 at Bradford, but several COOP stations reported 7, including Philipsburg.

Penn State Official: 15 (New Record)
Walker Building: 14.5
KUNV: 14
AccuWeather: 11
Jesse: 10
Elliot: 9.5

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Jun - Aug 2013 Maintenance Updates - CW6777

I have been performing maintenance on the stations in my yard off & on for about a month. Here are the ones I recall:

- 8/13/17 - Restored NetAtmo rain gauge to working (maybe) condition. Had found it in parts in the weeds a few months back, after the tripod it was on fell down.

-> Errant 0.24" of rain was sent today 8/13/17 during maintenance around 4-5pm.

- 8/13/17 - Attempted to restore AcuRite "WeatherMatrix OUT @0.5m + StormDrain" sensors, which had washed away in a flood. Readings for thise sensors have been bad since restoration 8/12/17. Confirmed by plugging in the wired soil/liquid temp sensor into another unit, that the unit no longer reads it (but the sensor itself is OK). For now, taking this sensor offline.

-> Errant rise in AcuRite "WeatherMatrix OUT @1m + SOIL" temperature sensor "Temperature - Wired Soil Sensor" from 73 to 78 degrees while testing today around 4-5 pm 8/13/17.

- 8/13/17 - Found the NetAtmo wind unit was full of water after the recent rain storm. Left to dry out. Will apply silicon around the bars if I restore it.

- 8/13/17 - Found the Comcast Security Camera was full of water after the recent rain storm. Left to dry out. Will apply silicon around the Ethernet cable if I restore it.

- 6/24/17 - 6/25/17 - Possible errant readings in ALL sensors from all stations due to maintenance. Installed new double tripod system as shown in before/after pics below.

- Through 6/24/17 - Possible errant readings due to tipping of Davis VV & Acurite stations.

- Through 8/6/17 - Possible errant readings due to tipping of Davis VV station.

- Through 8/6/17 - Possible missed rain gauge readings / errant later readings on Davis VP station due to leaves getting in rain gauge.

Below are pics showing the configuration of the 3 stations before, during and after maintenance (dates shown).

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Centre County Mesonet Lows 7/30

An unusually cold July night last night!

Lemont (EW7414): 45
State College (Jesse): 46
Bellefonte (CW8478): 46
Ramblewood (AU214): 46
Port Matilda (Elliot): 48
State College (AccuWeather): 48
State College (KUNV): 50
State College (PSU): 51 (Record 48)
State College (Walker): 51

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Centre County Mesonet Low Temps 6/28

An unusually cold June night last night!

Stormstown (Brett, Offline): 41
State College (Jesse): 43
Bellefonte (CW8478): 44
Stormstown (EW4169): 44
Ramblewood (AU214): 44
Port Matilda (Elliot): 45
Pleasant Gap (Dan P.): 46
State College (AccuWeather): 47
Lemont (EW7414): 48
State College (KUNV): 49
State College (PSU): 50
State College (Walker): 50

Elsewhere in PA, the lowest reading was 37 degrees was measured at Clarion and Prince Gallitzin State Park.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Webcam Mirror Expanded: New Cams, New Pages!

MAJOR Updates to the CCM webcam archive/mirror!

  • Link added to my new map of LIVE U.S. webcams added!
  • Links now go to LIVE cameras where the image has a border!
  • New cameras added for Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and other states.
  • Archived Loops links split into Active & Inactive cams
  • Planning to move inactive cam archives to cheaper hosting soon
  • Quick-look pages added for other webcam sites: 
    • Resortcams
    • WeatherSTEM
    • NCDC Buoys

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Centre County Mesonet Low Temps 5/9/17

NOTE: Other offline stations may have been lower; if you have an offline report let me know.

Lemont: 37
Walker Building Top: 35
PSU: 35 (Rank: #4 Coldest May 9th; Record 30 in 1947)
KUNV: 34
Downtown: 33
AccuWeather: 31
Elliot (Port Matilda): 29
Jesse (West State College): 29
Stormstown: 28

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Maintenance Updates CW6777 12/29

The Vantage Vue station at Jesse's house has been leaning at a 15-degree angle for most of this December (this data is not available online). This would have also affected the NetAtmo rain gauge which is at the same location (on Quail Run Road).

Around 5 PM tonight it was restored to approximately level and tied that way for the duration of the winter. Historical webcam views of this station can be found on the WeatherWatchers.Org website.