Saturday, November 11, 2017

Centre County Mesonet Lows 11/11

Considering the normal (PSU) low temperature today is 36, these numbers are VERY impressive! The low in the state was 5 at Bradford, but several COOP stations reported 7, including Philipsburg.

Penn State Official: 15 (New Record)
Walker Building: 14.5
KUNV: 14
AccuWeather: 11
Jesse: 10
Elliot: 9.5

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Jun - Aug 2013 Maintenance Updates - CW6777

I have been performing maintenance on the stations in my yard off & on for about a month. Here are the ones I recall:

- 8/13/17 - Restored NetAtmo rain gauge to working (maybe) condition. Had found it in parts in the weeds a few months back, after the tripod it was on fell down.

-> Errant 0.24" of rain was sent today 8/13/17 during maintenance around 4-5pm.

- 8/13/17 - Attempted to restore AcuRite "WeatherMatrix OUT @0.5m + StormDrain" sensors, which had washed away in a flood. Readings for thise sensors have been bad since restoration 8/12/17. Confirmed by plugging in the wired soil/liquid temp sensor into another unit, that the unit no longer reads it (but the sensor itself is OK). For now, taking this sensor offline.

-> Errant rise in AcuRite "WeatherMatrix OUT @1m + SOIL" temperature sensor "Temperature - Wired Soil Sensor" from 73 to 78 degrees while testing today around 4-5 pm 8/13/17.

- 8/13/17 - Found the NetAtmo wind unit was full of water after the recent rain storm. Left to dry out. Will apply silicon around the bars if I restore it.

- 8/13/17 - Found the Comcast Security Camera was full of water after the recent rain storm. Left to dry out. Will apply silicon around the Ethernet cable if I restore it.

- 6/24/17 - 6/25/17 - Possible errant readings in ALL sensors from all stations due to maintenance. Installed new double tripod system as shown in before/after pics below.

- Through 6/24/17 - Possible errant readings due to tipping of Davis VV & Acurite stations.

- Through 8/6/17 - Possible errant readings due to tipping of Davis VV station.

- Through 8/6/17 - Possible missed rain gauge readings / errant later readings on Davis VP station due to leaves getting in rain gauge.

Below are pics showing the configuration of the 3 stations before, during and after maintenance (dates shown).

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Centre County Mesonet Lows 7/30

An unusually cold July night last night!

Lemont (EW7414): 45
State College (Jesse): 46
Bellefonte (CW8478): 46
Ramblewood (AU214): 46
Port Matilda (Elliot): 48
State College (AccuWeather): 48
State College (KUNV): 50
State College (PSU): 51 (Record 48)
State College (Walker): 51

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Centre County Mesonet Low Temps 6/28

An unusually cold June night last night!

Stormstown (Brett, Offline): 41
State College (Jesse): 43
Bellefonte (CW8478): 44
Stormstown (EW4169): 44
Ramblewood (AU214): 44
Port Matilda (Elliot): 45
Pleasant Gap (Dan P.): 46
State College (AccuWeather): 47
Lemont (EW7414): 48
State College (KUNV): 49
State College (PSU): 50
State College (Walker): 50

Elsewhere in PA, the lowest reading was 37 degrees was measured at Clarion and Prince Gallitzin State Park.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Webcam Mirror Expanded: New Cams, New Pages!

MAJOR Updates to the CCM webcam archive/mirror!

  • Link added to my new map of LIVE U.S. webcams added!
  • Links now go to LIVE cameras where the image has a border!
  • New cameras added for Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and other states.
  • Archived Loops links split into Active & Inactive cams
  • Planning to move inactive cam archives to cheaper hosting soon
  • Quick-look pages added for other webcam sites: 
    • Resortcams
    • WeatherSTEM
    • NCDC Buoys

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Centre County Mesonet Low Temps 5/9/17

NOTE: Other offline stations may have been lower; if you have an offline report let me know.

Lemont: 37
Walker Building Top: 35
PSU: 35 (Rank: #4 Coldest May 9th; Record 30 in 1947)
KUNV: 34
Downtown: 33
AccuWeather: 31
Elliot (Port Matilda): 29
Jesse (West State College): 29
Stormstown: 28