Thursday, July 12, 2007

[FCDEPT] Wind Gusts in Friday Night's Storms

NOTE: This blog was previously emailed internally to the AccuWeather Forecasting e-mail distributions list (@fcdept) but has been absorbed into the Centre County Mesonet main blog for archival purposes.

Gusts from the Davis Vantage Pro Stations Friday evening:

My House (The Landings) – 50 mph
AccuWeather Building – 47 mph

Although the power went out pretty quick after the wind started, the stations remained on battery backup for the duration of the wind, so these readings are probably accurate. Having been outside during the storm, frankly I’m surprised they weren’t higher. But, neither anemometer is positioned sufficiently above the roof to be totally accurate, and it seemed like the strongest winds were in-between (I noted a lot of branches down on College & Westerly but not many on Science Park or in The Landings).

Jesse Ferrell, Community Director / Subscription Content Manager / Meteorologist AccuWeather, Inc.